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Alderman Medical Acupuncture of Idaho
  1166 N Cole Road
Boise, Idaho 83704
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"After three treatments I feel great. Before seeing you I went to our family doc and an orthopedists for my lower back spasms and elbow pain. Your exam was more thorough than the two of them put together. Thanks again."
       ~S. Willis, Emmett

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Welcome To Alderman Medical Acupuncture In Boise, Idaho

Alderman Medical is Boise’s and the Treasure Valley’s intelligent choice for an Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and integrated medical clinic. Our clinic is a medical specialty clinic providing compassionate individualized care in the diagnosis and treatment ofacute and chronic pain syndromesand difficult conditions not responding to western medicine and/or when prescribed drugs and surgery are not the answer.

?The secret of caring for the patient is caring for the patient.?

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Are you licensed or certified? ( I understand that licensure has substantially more educational requirements, significant board testing and clinical experience.
How many treatments are necessary to resolve my health issue/s?
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The majority of my new patients are referrals frompast or current patientsand/or progressive physicians providing complementary medicine in Boise and the Treasure Valley.

Alderman Medical Acupunture In Boise, Idaho

Regardless of how you arrived, I must congratulate you on taking your first step toward resolving yourpain,headaches,migraines,arresting allergies,overcoming infertility,female health issues,conquering arthritis,defeating stress,depressionoranxiety, getting back on track from asport,workorcar accident injury, or resolving a multitude ofother health concernswith Alderman Medical Acupuncture of Idaho.

AtAlderman Medical Acupunture of Idahowe have a saying,“It’s all about you.”“It’s all about you” is not just another slogan, it’s a philosophical metaphor that deals with the theoretical underpinnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM), our caring and your innate energy systems that maintain the bodies balance (homeostasis). Energy (Qi), in Traditional Oriental Medicine, its fluidity, abundance, balance, and regulation is the foundation for curing disease and your body’s imbalances and not just treating the symptoms.

The art and science of Traditional Oriental Medicine is a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment. At Alderman Medical we utilize the combination of the Yin Yang Theory”, “Eight Principle” and “Five Element” principles in our diagnostic process. Acupuncture, Electrical Acupunture (EA), Herbal Medicinals, Cupping, Massage and Moxabustion are just a segment of treatment modalities and procedure in Traditional Oriental Medicine and when practiced by an experienced licensed acupuncturist, provides fast, effective results for a vast number of conditions/illnesses without harmful side effects.

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist, foralmost thirty five+ years, I’ve integrated the time proven art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, physical therapy modalities, massage, stress reduction techniques and facilitated the inclusion of a comprehensive western medical work up and when appropriate an orthopedic and neurological evaluation. This comprehensive integrated system of combining eastern and western medicine assures the appropriate and timely referral to specialized physicians when Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture is unlikely to be of benefit and when appropriate, assures fast effective results that you expect and deserve.

Alderman Medical Acupunture In Boise, Idaho

I’ve specialized now, forover three decades, providing fast and effective care in treating the most of difficult conditions and illnesses. So if you have been told, “nothing more can be done” or “you’ll just have to live with it”, we at Alderman Medical Acupuncture just might be your final step in regaining your freedom and living a healthier pain free, care free life.

The following is a list of areas of specialization where experience makes the difference. Experience you can trust…

I strive to provide each patient with the full benefit of my extensive medical education in both Eastern and Western medicine and almost three decades treating the most difficult of cases successfully. You will always receive my undivided attention as I join in your desire to reach a vibrant, pain-free life of wellness in a caring and professional environment.

What my patients most often cite as my best attribute is my passion for helping others. This passion for helping others has been reflected in my career choices from the beginning—first saving lives and property as a fireman for the City of San Mateo, and now for almost three decades as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Dr. John Alderman

I’m proud to say that this passion for caring, my abilities to listen, understand, communicate, and knowledge of when to integrate and refer to western medical doctors has earned me the distinction of being one of the most effective and referred-to Acupuncturists by Treasure Valley and Boise physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Ask yourself… is your pain or health issue hindering your activities, affecting your loved ones, limiting your personal goals, affecting your work or affecting your personality? If any answers are yes, then make the call that can make the difference. A simple decision can change the quality of your health and life forever.

I commend you for taking action towards regaining your health and vitality. I’m a phone call or email away from yourFREE consultation or scheduling your treatment consultation and evaluation. If you’re in pain or have health conditions that is staying the same or is getting worse with your current care, get the ANSWERS and RESULTS you deserve. I look forward to meeting you. Remember… THE PAIN STOPS HERE! And I’ve got the experience you can trust.

“Education, experience, passion for helping others and commitment to never-ending improvement in the professional care I provide patients is the difference in getting results when others fall short.”
                                                                                       ~ John L. Alderman, O.M.D., L.Ac., D.N.B.A.O


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